Tribute to UMP Supporter
Si Scheiner

The Urban Memory Project is grateful to the late Si Scheiner, in whose name a financial gift was donated to our school programs by his niece and nephew, Rachel and David Scheiner. Si Scheiner’s generosity enabled the Urban Memory Project to upgrade the technology used by students to document and present their research of changing urban neighborhoods.

Si Scheiner was born in Buffalo, New York in 1935. From a young age, Si enjoyed all aspects of the photography process, avidly taking pictures and then developing and printing his work. According to Si’s brother, one of bathrooms of their house became Si’s darkroom, where he spent hours perfecting his final prints. Si’s love of photography evolved into a life long interest in film and technology. Si Scheiner died in August, 2009, and even as the process of photography has changed significantly since Si’s youth, his financial gift helps UMP continue to utilize photography as a tool for students to express their ideas visually about the changes they see in their neighborhoods.

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