Photographer: Andrew Lichtenstein

Andrew Lichtenstein visited with our students on Monday to discuss the students’ recent photographs of the Lower East Side, and to share with them his own. Lichtenstein, a documentary photographer, is a native New Yorker who works on stories of long-term social concern. Over the last decade he has concentrated on photographing in America. The work that he shared with our students came from series he made in the East Village and the Lower East Side in the 1990s. The images of tent cities in Tompkins Square Park, riot police, and a variety of portraits of squatters, bar-sitters and neighborhood characters captured an era of Lower East Side history that existed before the students were born, and with which they were unfamiliar. Andrew’s visit with us showed us all an intimate and visually engaging portrait of the neighborhood, and added a useful layer to our developing story of the area. For a look at some of Andrew Lichtenstein’s photographs, click here.

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