UMP at City Reliquary Museum

Students from the Lyons Community School and their teacher, Joshua Sol Lewis, worked with UMP’s Rebecca Krucoff and Dave Hermann from the City Reliquary Museum on a study of the rapidly changing community of Williamsburg. Students took several photo-walks of the neighborhood, visited the City Reliquary Museum, as well the Crest Hardware Store, a community landmark. The students also met and interviewed photographer Vincent Cianni, who documented the south side of Williamsburg in his series We Skate Hardcore in the 1990s. At the end of their eight-week unit, the students chose photographs and wrote labels to include in an exhibition at the City Reliquary Museum. The result is a beautiful display of photographs that capture the neighborhood’s history, character and current trends. We hope to continue our work with Lyons and City Reliquary Museum in the future!

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